The APA aims to reach its goals through projects and initiatives to develop the discipline and the community.
Initiatives that are in progress or development by the APA include:

  • Parkour training sessions that teach participants how to make the most of their training and how to increase their training effectiveness.
  • Teaching Parkour to disadvantaged people in detention centre’s.
  • The spreading of Parkour to the wider community in Australia.
  • The creation of a positive image of Parkour and its participants to the wider community.
  • A regular newsletter to keep people updated about the activities of the APA and other Parkour related information.



  • Lynall Hall High School
  • Mount Waverly High School
  • Hampton Primary School
  • Kensington Community College

Juvenile Detention Centre’s

  • Malmsbury Juvenile Detention Centre
  • Melbourne Youth Justice Centre, Parkville

Youth Groups

  • Challenge
  • Craigeburn Youth Centre
  • Newcombe Youth Centre
  • Police Community Youth Club, Canberra


  • Bluearth

The Australian Parkour Association has also worked closely with Hume City Council on many projects including working with at risk children at the Craigebrun Youth Centre, running workshops for newly arrived immagrants and running workshops at the Craigebrun Festival.

If you wish to find out more about any of the projects above or to enquire about assistance with your particular organisation, then don’t hesitate to contact an Australian Parkour Association representative.

Rhys Cat Pass to Arm Jump

APA NSW representative Rhys James mid air performing a Saut de Chat to Saut de Bras.