Despite is modest size, Canberra has had an active parkour community since  2004. Canberra traceurs, along with the communities in Sydney and Melbourne, were integral in the formation of the APA. Canberra Parkour works in close association with the peak national body, the Australian Parkour Association, and plays an active part in support of the national community.

The local body, the Canberra Parkour Association (CPKA), has fostered an open, friendly and driven group of traceurs who are true to the spirit of Parkour. The CPKA runs several regular classes each week for all ages and skill levels. Casual meetups also occur regularly throughout the city, often around the legendary training spot ‘Toast’. Good relationships with the public are maintained, giving Canberra traceurs free rein in the best areas the city has to offer.

The Canberra Parkour website is the main source of information on training and classes, head over there for information on where, when and how you can learn parkour in the ACT or ask us on our Facebook page.