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    The APA will be holding an instructor training workshop from the 16th – 19th Jan 2014. The purpose of the workshop is to help train current and /or prospective APA instructors.Anyone can apply to be involved. There will be 10 positions available. This will not qualify you to be an instructor or to take the qualification test. It will give you experience that will contribute towards your instructing ability and  your parkour experience as well as the opportunity to meet with and train together with traceurs from all over the country.Some flights will be covered for appropriate people. If your flights are not covered then you will have to make your own way if accepted and wish to come.Accommodation will be provided at the Trace facility, it will be $10 per night. People will need to buy their own food.The workshop will cover such things as: instructor principles, technique, Strength and conditioning principles and exercises, leadership, training techniques and more.Those wishing to be considered for the workshop will need to fill out the questionnaire provided below. You DO NOT have to be a current APA member to apply. You DO NOT  need any experience being an instructor to apply. You DO need some initiative and a willingness to work hard. You need to have the ability to take action to achieve your goals.This is not a holiday, you will have to work hard and WILL BE PUSHED HARD. There will be a lot of training involved, both physically and mentally. This is about training to be an instructor, not just an S&C camp. Please think carefully about this, you don't have to be superman/women, but you will have to be committed.A word of warning. You will be required to run a MINIMUM 2 km a day. Make sure you can do this and not be sore the next day. If you cannot do this now,  I suggest you begin training for it.When you participate in this training it is not the instructors job to motivate you to want to do any of the training during the week. If you show disinterest, if you do not show you are giving 100% at all times, if you whinge and complain all the time, dawdle and continually show you are not listening to instructions then you will be directed not to participate and to do your own thing until you go home. Allowances will be made for legitimate injury, but not for people who are judged as being lazy or disinterested. Consider carefully why you wish to do this.Please complete and return the following information and questions before the 31st October 2013 admin@parkour.asn.auNeed to be 16+, unless it is a special case.NAME:EMAIL:CONTACT NUMBER:LOCATION:AGE:BIRTH DATE:(needed to book flights in some cases)1. How long have you been training Parkour?2. Have you had any previous training or experience as a coach, trainer or leader in any other activities? Please provide details.3. Do you currently assist in APA classes? In what capacity?4. Are you willing to be a leader in your local community? What do you think being a leader entails?5. Why do you wish to undertake this training?6. What is your understanding of the duties and responsibilities of being an APA instructor?7. What sort of future do you envisage for yourself as an instructor in the APA?8. What is Parkour?9. What do you get personally from training Parkour?10. What do you expect to happen to you during this training?11. When was the last time you ran 2 km without stopping?12. Can you run 2km everyday for 5 days? If not, can you train yourself up to that level in time?13. Will you only have carry-on baggage or need to bring checked baggage?

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