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    Hello parkour members of Hobart.We are Parkour Tasmania. Just started we are looking for people to come along and train with us. If you're a beginner, or you're a pro come along and join us every Thursday at 11am Hobart College. I (Taylor) am an ex-trainee with Freemotiontas but unfortunately things went down hill there and it became inactive. Noticing the lack of current Parkour, free running in Hobart this group strives to help those who are interested. Details on meet-ups:We meet up at Hobart College every Thursday starting at 11am. Generally we move around to other locations from the University to St Mary's college so we advise you bring money for buses and food.These will go from any time between 3-5 hours.Our first public meetup is tomorrow (22nd) and will follow what is stated here. Chances are it will be a bit messy because this is our first public organised event. We advise you to bring along food, drink, a camera, clothes for different weather and of course good shoes.Note: Parkour Tasmania will NOT be held liable for any damages done to you or damage you may or may not cause to property.Note: Don't worry about your age if you are young as we are all 14 going onto 15 in 2012.Another note: We are working on a website and other products you can buy from a store.



    Massive shot in the dark- anyone know of the scene in Launceston? Is there one?



    well this is good timing due to the fact that i just moved to taz not 3 days ago so a crew would be nice and a parkour crew would be even better



    Will be heading to tassie in late feb. Would love to come check out the scene :). 



    Is this still going?

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