Parkour before profits – our reaffirmation for community driven progress

There are so many wonderful opportunities for Parkour’s development – we have seen work by communities around Australia who are using parkour to help school children be fit and health, for people with disability to redefine what they are capable of, for marginalised communities to develop confidence, and many others. Parkour offers something uniquely valuable to society, and we want to celebrate that.

However, we are fighting a lot of battles this year to keep Parkour in the hands of the community. Today, we are making public our enduring statement against the misappropriation of Parkour by international organisations and corporate interests that are interested in Parkour only for its potential profit. Our commitment is to a future for parkour in Australia that:

  • Puts the community before profits
  • Celebrates and promotes what is the unique about parkour, rather than search for ways to make it conform
  • Promotes non-competitive practice
  • Is consistent with the underpinning philosophy of parkour – altruism, useful strength, longevity, self-improvement and self-understanding
  • Respects the geographic and cultural sovereignty of other national communities

While this commitment has always been in our DNA, there has been no way to know and understand this without being a member of our community. Today, we want to make sure that everyone interested in Parkour in Australia knows that we are here to support the Parkour community and that we will always put parkour before profit. In the past, we have fought against the use of energy drinks to fuel parkour, and unethical sponsors for parkour events. Today, we are fighting the misappropriation and encroachment from the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique. Tomorrow, we are sure that there will be new pressures that would see parkour warped from the unique elements that make it so valuable.

We continue to support communities around Australia spread parkour through ethical means. You can see our statement here:

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