The Australian Parkour Association Inc. (APA) was formed in 2006 by some of the most experienced and dedicated Parkour practitioners in Australia in order to develop Parkour as a discipline and to foster its growth in Australia. It is a nationally recognised organisation capable of operating anywhere within Australia.

The organisation was formed out of the need for liability cover for those who organise training sessions and a body with nationwide representation to guide and develop Parkour in Australia. Today, the Association operates as the peak body for Parkour in Australia, providing three primary functions to local state organisations. Those functions are:

  1. We create instructors through our qualification system, the only Parkour qualification system in Australia.
  2. We support community leaders by providing advice and guidance, development opportunities, and infrastructure such as insurance.
  3. We provide a knowledge base by continually seeking to develop our understanding of parkour and best practice in parkour teaching, with an emphasis on safety, accuracy and utility.

The association was formed, and is run by active Parkour practitioners. For these people the Parkour and the people who wish to learn it come first. The association is there for the benefit of others, the people who created it aim to keep it that way.

The statement of purpose sums up what the Australian Parkour Association is trying to achieve.

The Australian Parkour Association is a legally recognised incorporated association. Any profits made are put back into the association and do not provide any personal gain for its members.

Administration and operations are conducted by its members. A committee is elected from members of the association to oversee the operation of the association. All members of the committee are volunteers.

Representatives from each member state are elected and provide a state level point of communication through which members can voice their opinions.

There is no obligation to join the Australian Parkour Association unless you wish to be involved in teaching Parkour and want to be covered by its nationwide insurance policy.

Parkour class doing Stretches


These are the founding ideals of the Association. While its operations have evolved, these ideals are still central to the way the Australian Parkour Association conducts itself and they outline our enduring goals. Our statement of purpose is:

  • To primarily act as the pre-eminent organization for the development of Parkour in Australia.
  • To provide services and resources to facilitate the learning of and participation in Parkour.
  • To provide the opportunity for individuals to learn about and participate in Parkour.
  • To provide a ‘safe’ learning environment for all participants.
  • To uphold the ethics of Parkour within the association and to transmit these ethics to all practitioners.
  • To represent both Parkour in Australia and its practitioners in a positive light, within and outside of Australia.
  • To act as a representative for Australian Parkour practitioners internationally and to provide a link between the global Parkour community and association members.
  • To promote the accurate transmission and portrayal of Parkour in Australia.
  • To provide a national forum for the exchange of ideas, information and resources between association.

View the Rules of The Australian Parkour Association document here.