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Quals Story – Part V

By Ross McGachey   —–AFTERMATH—–   The deadline passed and nobody from Adelaide had submitted all of their testing modules. The physical was only part of it. Without instructors, we had to stop running classes for six months and suffered a bit, but we were in a better situation than some communities.   I was […]

Quals Story – Part IV

By Ross McGachey —–2015, 2 weeks before APA qualification deadline—–   A bunch of the APA committee and interested people went to Melbourne for an APA think tank and to run a big last ditch assessment before the deadline. It was December and only a handful of people in the country were qualified. There was […]

Quals Story – Part III

by Ross McGachey ——2015, 3 months to APA qualification deadline——   In October 2015 I was at the Perth NatGat. I didn´t feel confident about my ability to pass the physical test. I knew by then there were three items I was not consistent on. Rail precisions were iffy, I didn´t know how to stick […]

Quals Story – Part II

By Ross McGachey     We were growing as an organisation and the need for a national quals system was growing. Australia is a huge country and maintaining a standard across our spread-out instructing community was impossible. There was no effective way to know that the people representing us, wearing our logo, and using our […]

Quals Story – Part I

Part 1 Hi, my name is Ross. I´m an Australian Parkour Association qualified instructor with a Level 3 Qualification. At the time of writing that name is being revised along with many aspects of the qualification, but it´s the highest level qualification run by the APA.   I´ve decided to write a wee anecdote. A […]

Warum bist du barfuß?

By Kel Glaister From the Melbourne in Motion blog Why are you barefoot?  I was asked this question while balancing barefoot along an abandoned tram track in a park in Leipzig, by an adorable five-year-old, asking the way children do, with a genuine curiosity rather than the I-already-think-you’re-an-idiot tone that adults can take. But speaking […]

Fear Training

by Paula Flinn Originally posted on her blog, Embracing Us. I recently participated in a fear training workshop while at WamJam 2018 – the Australian Women’s Parkour gathering – in Adelaide this year. Our challenge was to walk along a wall, about 30cm wide, turn around when we reached the end, and walk back. Sounds […]

Parkour before profits – our reaffirmation for community driven progress

Originally posted in our News section, 19 June, 2017 A REAFFIRMATION OF OUR COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY We are the pre-eminent national parkour organisation in Australia. Since 2006, we have mobilised volunteers across Australia and internationally to grow Parkour productively, and to empower communities to teach and develop parkour practitioners. We have taught Parkour in hundreds […]