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    NAME: David KentAGE: 15LOCATION: Tacoma/WyongABILITY TO TRAVEL IN ORDER TO TRAIN [Y/N]: YesCONTACT EMAIL: david.kent11@hotmail.comWHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF LESSONS: I would like to get out and have some fun while doing some exercise. It would be great to learn some parkour skills. you never know, they might come in handy one day


    Johnny Flaunt

    Hi all 🙂NAME: NickAGE: 18 (19 in October)LOCATION: TuggerahABILITY TO TRAVEL: Yes, i don't have a car at the moment as i wrote it off in an accident 3 weeks ago. Should also mention i'm out of action for at least another 6-8 weeks because i fractured my spine in the accident. But hopefully once i get the neck and back brace off I'll be back up to strength and will be buying a new car as i need one to get to and from work.CONTACT EMAIL: ngleeson92@gmail.comWHAT DO I WANT TO GET OUT OF IT ALL: Well i've always been interested in parkour/free running and love getting inspired by videos and other people's stories. More recently though after having been stuck inside with a neck and back brace on, I've really begun to appreciate simple things like running around, jumping and the like. So once this brace comes off, i have made it my goal to become more fit, healthier, stronger and to learn cool new movements and meet new people who have similar interests. I'm only starting out and my backround is not exactly athletic but i am excited to give it another go and try my best 😀catchas 🙂



    Name: DamianAge: 18Location: OurimbahAbility To Travel In Order To Train: Sometimes, usually yes.Contact Email: Do You Want To Get Out Of Lessons: I'm looking to start parkour so I don't really know all that much about it. Although I'm not completely useless as I have training in dance and gymnastics and learn fairly fast. I'm mainly just looking to practice, learn and build on skills.


    Michelle Glacken

    Name: Michelle Glacken



    NAME: JoshAGE: 21LOCATION: GorokanABILITY TO TRAVEL IN ORDER TO TRAIN [Y/N]: Yes. I regularly travel between here and Lake Macquarie, so anything in between or close to should be fine.CONTACT EMAIL: moonburntm@gmail.comWHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF LESSONS: I used to do a bit back when I was 17, but I had to stop due to an injury. I want to start up again though, and get back into it 😀



    NAME: Shane HayesAGE: 16LOCATION: The EntranceABILITY TO TRAVEL IN ORDER TO TRAIN [Y/N]: YesCONTACT EMAIL: DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF LESSONS: I really want to improve my fitness, make friends and have fun.



    NAME: Bret KennedyAGE: 38LOCATION: kin cumberABILITY TO TRAVEL IN ORDER TO TRAIN [Y/N]: Yes own a car and can offer a lift for those close to meCONTACT EMAIL: bret@functionfitpt.comWHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF LESSONS: I am a professional stunt performer and want to increase my skills set before I go to the US.



    NAME: luke lavisAGE: 16LOCATION: woy woyABILITY TO TRAVEL IN ORDER TO TRAIN [Y/N]: yesCONTACT EMAIL: luke.lavis6@gmail.comWHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF LESSONS: i want to be able to further increase my skills and meet people to train with



    NAME: Brendan SmithAGE: 16LOCATION: LisarowABILITY TO TRAVEL IN ORDER TO TRAIN [Y/N]: yes CONTACT EMAIL: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF LESSONS: Since the start of the year I have been looking into Parkour and have wanted to start lessons whenever I can, I also want to meet new people and just have fun with it.

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