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    To be put in the parkourpedia under DB interviews please.Documentary David Belle and Yamakasi - 2001.flvBy: Philippe Levasseur and Jerome MignardDocumentary David Belle and Yamakasi - 2001.flvDAVID BELLE:And a small saut du fond.See the typical guy would go this way, we go this way. He would take the stairs, we go this way. We turn like this, this is parkour. I climb back there, go back there, and I can still keep it cool and move on.Obstacles are everywhere, and we feed on them scaling them.So people would certainly go this way, but I feel like going that way.So see a small passé-muraille (wall-run). Well it’s not everyday but a little backflip. Not really a part of parkour but since I’ve done gymnastics I like to keep the vibe alive.REPORTER:David Belle, 27, is a day-one Yamakazi.DAVID BELLE:Nice bench.REPORTER:He made this practice a specific sport and named it parkour.DAVID BELLE:You need a good physical condition, because without muscle, you fall. Here it’s fine since you have say 8ft - 10ft, at worst you hit the grass. But at 65ft there is no trying. You know for sure or you stay back. So it’s mostly a training to be sure in the end that even naturally, even if there is a problem and you feel it, well you bounce back. This is the strength of it!We find our freedom through that. Down there we know already; for years we moved down there. The roads made for us… We know them. But those ones there, where we go… Nobody took them before.Now I gonna do a jump. To show that sometimes, how in parkour, it can get real. Cool boy.Good! You are full of beans.SIGN – Climbing wall closed for repairs. Access forbidden.REPORTER:It’s supposed to be closed, isn’t it?SEBASTIAN FOUCAN:Supposed to.DAVID BELLE:Yeah, supposed to.REPORTER:On this climbing wall, David has been working on his moves for 15 years. It’s his kindergarten, a 65 ft high kindergarten.DAVID BELLE:Over there is Evry. We train a bit more in the “green” but… That’s the playground you see. More than enough…REPORTER:Among parkour practitioners, David Belle is recognised as a master. But in the south suburb of Paris, he is not the famous one. In Evry here comes the stars of the day.GUYLAIN BOYELE:Sitting Bull (Charles Perriere), Belette (Malik Diouf), Baseball (Chau Belle), and the spider (Laurent Piemontesi).REPORTER:Seven young [people] who grew up there, and are the stars of the last movie produced by Luc Besson: “Yamakasi”.BYSTANDERS:Yeah cool bro! Yeah not bad!GUYLAIN BOYELE:It really started here, with games. We started to play around, and to have fun you see. Voila.[greetings]Yeah I saw the trailer, it looks great.[Trailer of the yamakasi movie]REPORTER:After years of difficulties, Chau and his crew can make a living from their stunts.CHAU BELLE:We made a name for ourselves in the movie industry, in the show business, in the advertising business, we’ve done video clips. So now it’s a full time job for us.BYSTANDERS:A small performance? A demo?GUYLAIN BOYELE:No matter what, you must be very careful.BYSTANDER:Well I gonna try.GUYLAIN BOYELE:Well… you can succeed. But… Are you going to succeed 3 times or 4 or 5 or 6 times?BYSTANDER:Once is enough.GUYLAIN BOYELE:Well that’s not the idea.REPORTER:Following the Yamakasi, everybody start to climb around, jump around. Even the media are fascinated by the latest craze from the suburb. The Yamakasi go on live TV. They do one interview after  the other, it’s just impossible to miss them.P.A:You can’t sleep, you are tired but you must go.CHAU BELLE:At first Yamakasi is a sport, but which became, by now, a job.Me I felt stressed, because of Yann. Yann couldn’t stay quiet. [smiles]CHAU - That’s allright? You liked the movie?JOURNALIST – Yeah that was fun. I think it’s a movie [???] for youngs [???]REPORTER:For them a new life begins, they substitute showbiz obligations for harsh training.CHAU BELLE:You’re right! We are busy all day.REPORTER:Is that everyday like this?CHAU BELLE:Well since 2 weeks ago, we’ve faced heavy artillery, from every directions. That’s why we have the nerves on the edge but we love it.REPORTER:Is that true?CHAU BELLE:As long as it’s for Yamakasi we love it.REPORTER:Back in Evry where David is still doing his thing. David is not in the group acting in the last Besson. He starts a solo career instead. He made a short movie with some local friends, he even got 4 days of shooting with Brian De Palma, for the end of the month.MOVIE EXCERPT:Sure it’s faster this wayREPORTER:He can’t make a living from his movies yet, David still lives at his mother’s place, near Evry.DAVID BELLE:You’re little brother? Ca va?RANDOM:David, you are on TV just now!REPORTER:He is also on TV now (note:  like the Yamakasi)TV REPORT AUDIO:David Belle – We didn’t have the same goals (note: vs. Yamakasi)DAVID BELLE’S MOTHER:I am proud of course. I am proud of David. I was afraid at first, because he had a hard time. He worked a lot and so… why wouldn’t it be so?REPORTER:David’s passion is no accident.DAVID BELLE’S BROTHER:Where is the first picture of Dad doing a flip?REPORTER:For the Belle, sport and risk run in the family. His father was a cadet in Vietnam, then fireman. In the squad, his nickname was kamikaze.DAVID BELLE’S BROTHER:Where is the first picture of Dad doing a flip?REPORTER:His brother is a fireman and an experienced athlete too. DAVID BELLE’S BROTHER:2 pictures… 30 years intervalDVAID BELLE:This is a good one isn’t it? Voila. At least the pictures are creative. Different from regular standing people. In fact all of that could burn, it’s in here [points to head]. And runs through my veins too.REPORTER:The father of David and Jean-Francois [David’s brother] died suddenly a few years ago. If David has become who he is, it’s also thanks to this unmatched idol.DAVID BELLE:It tells me I still have some work to do! And that he is still there saying… “cut the blah-blah and get going”. Yeah, get going.REPORTER:In Evry David created a new group, after the Yamakasi left. The agenda: intensive training, flexibility, strength training, much needed to avoid injuries.BOY:Look.DAVID BELLE:They look ready so it’s ok. Yo if we can get on the roof of Evry, there is some good stuffs there.[Guy bails a flip]- Forget about it- Yeah I forget about it.DAVID BELLE:You know why {you bailed]? Coz you wanna go to fast. You wanna do (boom boom) [the big jumps] but that crushes you. First you land and once you get up.REPORTER:With his group he explores the suburb, looking for new challenges.DAVID BELLE:We’re going up there. [points to large building]REPORTER:And how do you go up there?DAVID BELLE:Aaah, that’s a secret, a mystery. Coz if we talk about it, everybody gonna do it you see. One thing is for sure, we gonna be up there.I remember when I was young like them, alone, wondering ‘What’s the meaning?’ Not even thinking about money or show business! It’s a quest, linked to my father, it’s my story. Inside my own story I turn back and… I got followers! It’s awesome.REPORTER:The new recruits don’t follow him everywhere. He is the only one to climb down a 4-story building in no time. 15 seconds flat, after 10 years of training.DAVID BELLE:Damn.

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