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    Hey guys new to the forum, training and mucking about with 2 other mates atm.Wanting to know:Where You train?AndWho's training around on the coast?



    Hey, where about's do you train..?I train at tuggrah sometimes, and a backstreet place with a heap of buildings.I train alone since i really dont have any friends interested as they're all fat. Not even joking.Starcraft 2 erryday.



    I a have done some practice/training at the back of westfield. more at the west side


    Johnny Flaunt

    Hi allI'm an 18 year old living at tuggerah and am wanting to start training locally. Am only really just starting out, i have done a bit of training on my own around the back of westfield where those fire stairs are and such, but nothing really serious. At the moment i can't do anything for about 2 months because i fractured my spine in a car accident and am in a neck and back brace for at least another 4 weeks. But once i get out of it, i am keen to get moving again, get fit and have some fun learning new stuff.catchas 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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