NatGat 2017 Successfully delivered and a new committee for the next 12 months!

The official 2016/2017 Parkour year has again come to an end with NatGat 2017 finishing up on Monday the 2nd of October, ending a massive national annual gathering. Over 100 parkour practitioners descended on Canberra this year in what seemed to be an even longer event, running from Thursday with a dedicated day for instructor training through to a beautiful nature training session on Monday.

It was awesome to see practitioners from across Australia come together, and especially great to see such a big representation of Tassie traceurs this year.

As with every NatGat, the APA held it’s Annual General Meeting and elected it’s new committee for the 2017/2018 period, seeing quitea few changes in position, some old and some new. President of the APA, Eliot Duffy, discussed some of the big movements in the national and international parkour community, including the work to rebuff the misappropriation of Parkour by the FIG,  the establishment of the International Association Parkour Earth, for which the APA is one of six founding members, and the APA’s focus in delivering instructor training and coaching certifications. We are very happy to announce this years committee:

  • President – Eliot Duffy
  • Vice President – Amy Han
  • Treasurer – Jade Hiroki
  • Secretary – Lluka Johns-Mead
  • State Representative (WA) – Isaac McClellan
  • State Representative (SA) – Travis Ranson
  • State Representative (NSW) – Monique McDonald
  • State Representative (Vic) – Kelley Glaister
  • State Representative (Qld) – Steve Berry
  • State Represtnative (Tas) – Brian Wagner (non-voting)
  • General Member – David Haines
  • General Member – Josh Douglas

Alex Pavlotski will also continue in his role as a strategic advisor, drawing on is in depth research on parkour communities and leadership.

We would like to give sincere thanks to Vivian Cao, Suzi Miletic and Sam Hinwood for all their work for the committee over the past 12 months.



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