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Parkour is an attitude and training method for movement through any environment at speed. The concept is to overcome all physical and mental obstacles in your path by using your body and mind to run, climb, jump and vault. Parkour belongs to a family of movement disciplines, including L’art Du Deplacement and Freerunning.

The founders of these disciplines are David Belle, Sébastien Foucan, Châu Belle Dinh, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi,Guylain N’Guba Boyeke, Malik Diouf, and Charles Perriére.

The Australian Parkour Association supports Parkour communities around Australia. Parkour Communities run classes, workshops and other events to help teach Parkour to all kinds of people regardless of fitness level, experience, ability, age or any other factor. If you’re new or looking where to start, see the communities page for information about classes and training.

For a great resource to learn about Parkour and some basic movement progressions follow this link to Parkourpedia.

The APA supports Parkour communities around Australia. If you can’t find any information about a community in your area and would like to pursue building a community, support for an existing community, or enquire about Parkour instructing get in touch on our contact page.

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The Australian Parkour Association works in conjunction with the following organisations

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South Australian Parkour Association

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Parkour Earth

The following organisations use trainers qualified by the Australian Parkour Association.

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Trace Facility


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