Parkour Instructor Intensive – Nov 2018 – Adelaide

TJ (ADL) and Monique (SYD) are excited to announce they’ll be hosting an instructor training intensive camp in Adelaide, with spots for 10-12 Parkour instructors from all over the country.

Full details will be out ASAP, but we want to give you a heads up and a chance for questions/tweaks as we finalise details.



So far we’ve decided to aim for a longer intensive than the last session, this round we’re aiming for 5-6 full days. Current dates are set for 23-28 November 2018. 9am start on Friday – 5pm finish on Wednesday. Accommodation from Thursday night till Thursday morning.

We are also considering a short course option of 23 – 25 (Thursday night arrival, Monday morning departure) if people cannot make the full event – please chime in if this would be of interest to you!


Adelaide – Group accommodation provided in/near the CBD for days listed above. There will be activities outdoors, in Adelaide’s training space Point A, and carpooled by local community to other locations.


Pricing scheme to be confirmed based on numbers, accommodation bookings, and feedback –

Full Course – $500 pp – Includes accommodation but not: food, travel to and from, or incidentals.

Short course – $360 pp – includes same as above

$60 off if you have a current paid membership. These prices cover and include a $60 APA Membership joining and annual fee.

We strongly suggest finding ways to have your costs covered or subsidised. Last session, several people approached their local association/teaching organisation/employer/community to contribute/cover costs. Another option is to canvas your local council’s website for quick grants for things like leadership or sporting opportunities. The APA committee (post-natgat elections) may also offer a subsidy option to those without other means to get there.


We’re aiming this session at a certain set of people, outlined below. However, these are guidelines not rules. Should you feel you don’t fit the below criteria, we suggest you apply regardless and we’ll work with you to see if this program will be suitable for you.

We’re aiming for participants actively teaching in a community (as a team or solo) – ideally already working at or above the level of an Assistant Instructor (as defined in the APA Qualifications), However a qualification is not mandatory, this is just a baseline of the level of parkour we’re looking to work with.

All participants must attend for the whole time (full length or short length). We will train and live together for the entire duration of the session,  and be working on a mixture of Parkour and Instructing related skills and experiences.

Please note this is not a ‘qualifications preparation’ event – we will be focusing on building and polishing your skill-set – building good instructors and traceurs. If qualifications are your goal, this will be a fantastic course to build you towards passing quals.

We are particularly encouraging women and people underrepresented or lacking access to existing APA communities to attend.


Applications will be reviewed by Monique and TJ, and approved by the APA committee. Applications must be submitted by October 24th, and applicants will be informed by October 31st.


Message TJ and/or Monique, and/or

Apply Here.

This will be updated once details are finalised, and there is no preference given to earlier applications, so feel free to just ask us questions or give feedback for now. If you want email updates – send something to asking.

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