Our Services

Supporting parkour to grow

The Australian Parkour Association delivers a broad range of bespoke services to support Parkour’s development across Australia. Our services are delivered by some of the most experienced instructors in Australia and we tailor how we work to suit each request. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Instructors and practitioners through events, training camps, and developing best practice in parkour teaching;
  • Parkour communities who are looking to grow, qualify instructors, or seeking support;
  • Local, state and federal governments on Parkour representation, legislative change, and facility development;
  • Communities, community organisations and business seeking to develop their engagement with parkour and their capacity to deliver parkour training, including through workshops and coaching courses.

We are also able to develop bespoke services to suit a wide variety of needs, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you have something different in mind.

Community Coach

This course is ideal for those who are wanting to see parkour in their area but do not yet have access to qualified parkour coaches.

The Community Coach Course is a two day intensive program that aims to provide practitioners of other movement disciplines, teachers, community workers, and newly developing communities with the foundation skills for teaching an guiding parkour practice. This course can also serve as an introduction to parkour practice and coaching for those participants who are considering pursuing the formal APA Qualification System.

The course is structured around three core components:

  1. Parkour technique and practice;
  2. Parkour philosophy and history;
  3. Parkour instructing.

We recognise that different clients will need greater instruction in some areas over others. As such, we work with you to understand your context and requirements and tailor each course to suite. The course is delivered by some of the most experienced Parkour instructors in Australia, all of which hold Level 3 certificates and have over a decade of experience.

Get in contact today to discuss if the Community Coach Course is right for you.

Instructor Testing

As part of our commitment to professionalising parkour instruction in Australia, we have developed the only Parkour qualification system in Australia. We offer testing and training services to instructors and trainees around Australia and can support you and your community in coordinating testing and, if a local instructor is not available, fly in appropriately qualified testers.

We hold our instructors to high standards in order to maintain quality of instruction, protect practitioners, and preserve good practice of parkour. As such, the APA Qualification System is tough! You can find out more here or contact us.

Instructor Intensives

We run regular instructor intensives throughout the year for instructors of various levels. Keep an eye out for these announcements or contact your State Representative and let them know your interest.


For all other services or unique requests, please contact us.